Take donations with confidence using Dijon Platform and Stripe

Together Dijon Platform and Stripe have raised in excess of $18m USD in donations, so you can be confident in our platform. We support almost all Stripe features and have a proven, best-practice implementation.

Stripe Checkout

Dijon Platform supports this familiar checkout process to users all around the world. Stripe Checkout is the easiest way to integrate Stripe with your own cusomt templates. Stripe Checkout is ideal for smaller charities as it gives your users the peace of mind of entering their details in a trusted global payment solution.

Stripe Elements

Dijon Platform also supports Stripe Elements. This allows you to take payments on your site without redirecting to Stripe Checkout pages. This is often more desirable for larger non-profit organisations, allowing users to enter their card details on a page on your site, while still supporting Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as local payment methods like Giropay, EPS or iDEAL.

Dijon Platform supports the following payment methods

Dijon Platform supports the following Stripe payment methods, with support for new payment methods added all the time.

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