Dijon Platform - A digital fundraising platform

Dijon Platform allows you to rapidly create campaigns, allowing your organisation to react to global developments and have new campaigns ready in minutes

Embedded Donation Forms

An example embedded donation form

Embed on your website and start taking donations in minutes

Campaign Landing Pages

An example campaign landing page

Perfect for quick donations from your social media bios

Why choose Dijon Platform?

Use our pre-built templates to start taking donations in minutes and customise your global supporter experience

wysiwyg editing

Rich Text Editing

Edit campaigns or donation forms as they appear to your supporters

wysiwyg editing

Global Campaigns

Manage content, languages and donations based on supporter location

Brand Customisations

Pre-build Templates & Brand Customisations

Customise our pre-build templates with your brand colours and logos to get started quickly

Custom templates Custom templates

Your Supporters Can Pay Their Way

Using credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Play and local payment methods

Gift Aid

Automatically Claim Gift Aid

Dijon Platform can claim Gift Aid automatically for you every month

Custom templates

Custom Templates

Your in-house or outsourced team can build custom donation experiences

Try Dijon Platform for yourself with our zero commitment signup. No credit card required. Dijon Platform is free to use.

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