Rich Text Editing

Edit campaigns or donation forms as they appear to your supporters

Click above to view a video showing editing inside Dijon Platform

Edit content

Edit blocks of content adding whatever components you wish using our rich text edior.

Edit images

Simply click on the image you want to change and upload another, cropping and resizing as needed. Use different images for different countries.

Edit suggested amounts

Edit suggested donation amounts in the page, by country, language and currency from a single place.

Get started quickly

With Dijon Platform you can create a campaign in response to a global event quickly making sure your supporters can support a global development with an organisation they trust.

Customise by country

Dijon Platform's rich text editor handles customising all content based on country and language. Perfect for global organisations.

Copy content

Copy content between campaigns allowing you to have a ready-to-go campaign as a template for whoever is creating a new campaign for an emerging situation.

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