Global campaigns

Manage content, languages and donations based on supporter location

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Edit content

Each blocks of content can be customised for a each language and country allowing you to include content specific for a country and different languages.

Edit images

Different images can be displayed for different countries and languages allowing images relevant to each region to be displayed.

Edit suggested amounts

Suggested donation amounts are automatically converted from your default currency but can be overriden with amounts and descriptions which work best for a certain country.

Use different accounts

Dijon Platform allows you to use different payment accounts for each country ensuring the funds get credited to the correct regional office or partner organisation.

Email templates

Email subjects, senders and templates can be customised for each country and language allowing you to send email in the correct language and include any tax receipts that are needed

Sensible defaults

Dijon Platform will always display something to your potential supporters, even if there is no content for their language or country your default content will be displayed. Allowing you to enter content for a language once.

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