Perfect for global organizations

Dijon Platform has provided donation platforms for many large non-profits. We work with non-profits of all sizes but have the flexibility and features that large organisations need.

We have worked with: World Food Programme, International Rescue Committee, UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), Save the Children, Street Child, Abortion Support Network, BRAC International, Christian Aid, Homeless World Cup, UN Women and Mission Without Borders International.

Features for global non-profit organizations

Language and country specific content

Customize the following elements of your campaign page depending on which country they visit from and their language:

  • Campaign page content
  • Donation suggested amounts (with optional currency conversion)
  • Change other elements (for example headers and footers) per country and/language
  • Display different images
  • Insert different values form labels, hidden form elements, tracking codes

Use local integrations

Use the systems that are used by your local partner organizations, country or region offices:

  • Take payments in different accounts depending on a supporter’s country
  • Take advantage of local payment methods like FPX in Maylasia or Cartes Bancaires in France
  • Push supporter data to global CRM or the correct CRM for their country, we support Salesforce and MailChimp.
  • Use localised branding in supporter emails

Global platform

Dijon Platform is a global platform which has servers distributed around the globe. This reduces the time potential supporters wait for your campaign page to be displayed on their device. It’s well known that web users are impatient. The faster the page renders on their device the more likely they are to interact with your campaign.

Use other donation platforms

You can redirect visitors from countries where you already have a presence to that country’s existing donation platform, directly to a specific campaign, while tracking these redirects into Google Analytics and maintaining advert tracking codes. Create your campaign globally and then migrate its traffic to the local platform once it is ready.

Take payments with multiple payment providers

Dijon Platform allows you to take payments with different providers and different accounts with the same provider, depending on supporter country.

Dijon Platform supports the following payment providers

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