Custom Templates

Your in-house or outsourced team can build custom donation experiences

Dijon Platform has a development environmnet that allows your developers to build your own custom templates using the tools they are used to. We can also work with you to build custom experiences.

You developers simply download and install our Docker based development environment and can start developing locally almost instantly.

We have extensive documentation for developers allowing them to make simple changes to our default template quickly. They can also dive in deeper and create innovative donation experiences and use A/B testing to find out what works best for your supporters.

Any developer familar with Twig templates and Git can be incredibly productive with the Dijon Platform development environment and our platform's customised template system and API. We have examples using the Tailwind and Bootstrap frontend frameworks.

All of Dijon Platform's content management, multi-language and rich text editing features are available with custom templates.

Our custom template support starts at £249 per month with developer support time charged at an hourly rate of £75 if needed with discounts for monthly commitments.

Try Dijon Platform for yourself with our zero commitment signup. No credit card required. Dijon Platform is free to use.

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