Automatically Claim Gift Aid

Dijon Platform can claim Gift Aid automatically for you every month

Dijon Platform automatically asks supporters from the UK if they would like to add Gift Aid to their donation allowing you to automatically capture their Gift Aid status with your organisation.

You can disable the question if you are not a UK organisation.

Simply tell Dijon Platform your Gift Aid details and it will generate and submit the report to HMRC each month.

This includes monthly donations. Dijon Platform automatically reclaims Gift Aid each month as long as it continues to receive notifications of each payment from your payment provider. If the monthly payment is cancelled, Dijon Platform will stop claiming automatically.

Dijon Platform even updates each donation once the claim is accepted allowing you to report on the real income from each supporter.

Unlike other online donation platforms, there is no charge for this service.

Try Dijon Platform for yourself with our zero commitment signup. No credit card required. Dijon Platform is free to use.

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