Dijon is a fundraising, petition and lead generation campaign platform

Dijon allows the easy creation of campaigns for local, national and international charities, businesses or NGOs

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Quick start

Dijon comes with an easily customisable, UX optimised template to get you started quickly.

Custom Templates

The team at Dijon Platfom can quickly design and implement custom templates for your campaign.

WYSIWYG Content editing

Our content editor gives you a real-time preview of your changes as you make them.

Well documented

Your own team or preferred web agency can create custom designs and templates for Dijon.

Powerful content management

The Dijon CMS allows you to configure and manage multiple campaigns and instantly create new ones to respond to events or emergencies.

  • Run all campaigns in one place
  • View metrics for each campaign
  • A/B testing built-in
  • Multi-language support
  • Geographically aware content
  • Multi-currency support

The dashboard design on Dijon is excellent! I love the day/week/month split and associated graphs. Kudo's!

— Peter Causer, IRC UK


Administrators and site creators can benefit from our up-to-date documentation which explains everything from setting up campaigns to implementing custom designs and functionality with Dijon.


Our team are constantly working to support more and more payment, CRM and email integrations. If your favourite tool is not already supported, Dijon's easily extensible framework makes it straightforward for your favourite tool to be integrated.

24x7 Support

All Dijon implementations are monitored and maintained 24/7 and in the unlikely event your site goes down you have a number to call 24/7.

High Security

All Dijon sites are secured with SSL and all data transfered inside our platform is encrypted. Each Dijon release is automatically tested for security issues. Our platform is fully PCI Compliant.

Awesome Stats

Dijon collects usage and interaction statistics for you as visitors interact with your campaign. These statistics are a first-class citizen inside the Dijon CMS allowing you to instantly see how your changes affect leads and donations.

Campaign Success

Dijon employs a service oriented architecture and battle-hardend caching layer developed for the purpose of hosting campaigns. Our platform uses the latest web technologies to automatically increase hosting resource and ensure your site remains online when your campaign pops.

Features of awesome Dijon

Data Driven Campaigns
Scalable Architecture
User-Friendly CMS
Customisable Templates
Languages & Currencies
One-off & Monthly Donations
Petitions & Lead-Gen Forms
Activity Feeds
Content Management
Automated Testing
Data Download
Geo-IP redirects

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