Create new campaigns in minutes

Whether you use our provided templates or have your team or digital agency create your own, a new campaign in Dijon is just a few clicks away. Add the content for your campaign in our rich-text editor, upload your campaign images and press publish!

Content Management

Manage country and language-specific campaign content with our WYSIWYG editor

One-off & monthly donations

Accept one-off and monthly donations. Monthly renewals appear in your reports

Create campaigns in minutes

Your fundraising team can have new campaigns live in minutes

Geographically aware

Customize campaigns depending on the visitor's country

Data-driven campaigns

Use Dijon's extensive reporting tools to base your campaign on real-time data

Scalable architecture

Dijon's cloud-native architecture means it automatically scales to meet any demand

Languages & currencies

Dijon supports most languages and currencies

Your own templates

Your team or digital agency can quickly create a design perfect for your organisation

Petitions & lead-gen forms

Collect supporter's details and ask them to donate afterwards


Show your campaign progress on the campaign donation, petition or lead page

Activity feed

Show recent supports and allow them to add their own message

Automated testing

Our happy robot ensures campaigns continue to work for your supporters