Product update – August 2021

The first half of 2021 has been a busy time here at Dijon Platform! Our technical team spent January producing Dijon Platform Version 3, which focused on the platform’s reliability, stability, and security. In Dijon Platform Version 4, we introduced our new administration dashboard design. The new design and structure improve the administration dashboard’s usability significantly.

We’ve also been adding features!

Feature showcase

Embedded donation forms

We introduced the ability to embed donation forms and widgets powered by Dijon Platform onto your site. These embedded forms can use an alternative template to your main campaign template, optimising them for inclusion on another website.

New dashboard charts

There are some new dashboard charts which we’re sure you will agree to provide a much improved at-a-glance view of your campaigns.

The income chart shows the total donations after payment provider fees, the trend of donations and a breakdown of donations.
The donations chart displays a count of donations, breaking down how many one-off and monthly donations you’ve received.

Add a custom logo to your administration screen

Change your administration logo

You can now have your organisations logo on your administration screen rather than the Dijon Platform logo. Go to Account > Settings > Admin and upload it, and the image will appear!

Administration timezone

You can set a timezone for your account. This ensures dates and times are displayed in the correct time for your organisation. Go to Account > Settings > Admin and select the desired timezone for your account.

Campaign status

New campaigns are now created with the draft status and become available to visitors once you set them active. Once your campaign is over, you can mark them as complete and choose which other campaign visitors should redirect.

Hero image ratios

It is now possible for your template designer to define alternative image ratios for hero images allowing you to have different designs within your Dijon Platform account. These alternative hero image ratios can be selected when uploading new hero images and filtered in the image management section of the Dijon Platform administration dashboard.

Translation editing

Translations are pieces of text such as form labels or other elements that should be edited across your account. You can enter alternative translations for different countries or languages and edit them inline in the page using the Dijon Platform WYSIWYG campaign editor.

Editing a translation in the WYSIWYG Campaign Editor

It is also possible to specify “uneditable translations”. These translations cannot be edited in Dijon Platform’s WYSIWYG campaign editor because they are placeholders or other page content that it does not make sense to make it editable for usability reasons for your content editors. These translations can be edited in the new Translations section under Content in the Dijon Platform Administration Dashboard.

The translations editor

Managed links

Managed links offer a simple way to make link elements editable without allowing too much customisation. You can specify that just the link or the link and text is editable, and then that content can be edited by content editors inside Dijon Platform’s WYSIWYG campaign editor. Like all Dijon Platform content management functions, it allows template designers to let their content editors edit page content without messing up the design or functionality of the donation forms.

Custom template settings

A template designer can now define custom settings for the template, edited in the Dijon Platform administration dashboard.

A custom template setting

These settings can be managed per country and language (different scenarios), allowing template designers to expose certain customisable template logic to their content editors.

Coming soon

Our technical team has recently been focused on functionality that enables Dijon Platform to accept online signups and allow new users to get up and running on Dijon Platform with some off-the-shelf templates.

This work has included:

  • a getting started tour for new users
  • the ability to set the Dijon Platform account default country, language and currency in the Dijon Platform administration dashboard
  • campaign-specific text editable in the Dijon Platform WYSIWYG campaign editor like translations
  • logo editing
  • ability to add custom CSS and colours to editable elements.

We look forward to introducing these features to you shortly.